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Script Frenzy '09

30 days. 100 pages. Are you in?

Script Frenzy
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30 days. 100 pages. Are you in?
This community is for those attempting the daunting yet exciting task of writing a 100-page script in 30 days. Here you will be able to post daily excerpts and page counts, give and get advice, participate in writing sprints, and find support amongst your fellow writers. With your help, this community can be as fantastic a resource for script writers as nanowrimo is to novel writers!

For all the details of Script Frenzy itself, please visit scriptfrenzy.org!

Before joining, please take a moment to read the community rules.


1. Have respect for your fellow writers. Constructive criticism is helpful, but out-and-out bashing of a member or their writing will not be tolerated.

2. Starting April 1, there will be daily posts for introductions, excerpts, script help, and page counts. Please make use of these instead of posting separately. Exception: when you reach your 100-page goal, you are more than welcome to share your victory in your own individual post!

3. If you are posting images, please put all images wider than 500px behind a cut. If you are posting more than one image, please put everything after the first behind a cut.

4. If you have your own writing community and would like to advertise it, go right ahead! Off-topic community advertisements will be deleted.


And for those who aren't sure where to begin...


Screenwriting Software

  • Celtx
  • Scripped
  • Rough Draft
  • Final Draft
  • Zhura

    Planning Tools

  • Scrivener
  • OneNote
  • yWriter
  • Wikipad
  • Script Frenzy Report Card

    Screenwriting Tutorials

  • How to Write a Screenplay
  • How to Write for Television

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